“Love Is Blind”

Once there was a blind girl, she used to hate every one except her Boy friend. She always used to say I’ll marry you, if I could see you. Suddenly some one donated eyes to that Girl and now she was able to see every thing. She was shock to see that her Boy Friend was also blind. Boy Friend asked will you marry me now? She simply refused & boy turns back with lot of tears by saying Just TAKE CARE OF MY EYES……………!



2 Responses to “Love Is Blind”

  1. Ashok भन्नुहुन्छ:

    rajuji, really touchable!!!
    It fully touched me. Today i knew the real blind love.
    keep on posting such articles!!!

  2. Milan भन्नुहुन्छ:

    thanx for remind me this nice story…

    in some cases like this YES love is blind..

    इन्टरमा पढ्दा होला यो कथा कान्तिपुर एफ.एम.बाट सुनेको थिएँ …

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