“Life With Crazy Money”

-गोपाल कुमार प्रधान
7 JNP Road
पोस्ट अफिस कुर्सेयोङ, दार्जिलिङ

No, money I love you

I change my views

That is you.


For a while a rose blooming

The rays in morning And smiling.

A pearls by the due

But it can be feel

Who is taking care about me.


Everyone will be happy with me

Every take smells and smile in me

Everyone “Loves Me”


Until iget matured

Yes! Money I fell love

Don’t buy me

I love you more.


I will be still everyone hands

Everyone catch me throw me

Sometime taking smell

You know I amd losing myself

Yes money, will you kill me?

Or, no money I love you.


My darkness feels my silent

Because I was owe by beautiful nature

Which I don’t have to pay

Still they want to take me

But my roots doesnot allow me\

So, far I am waiting for nest blooming.


Wait me until I come

That time will repeat

No, money “I love you”

I change my view

That is you.


One Response to “Life With Crazy Money”

  1. ram says:

    good yar it is really unusual keep it up.

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