मेरो मृत्युको घोषणा |

यो ठोकुवा गर्छु


म भोली मर्छु

कोही छ |?

(जो) मेरो मृत्यु सार्न सक्छ |

source: www.anbipra.wordpress.com


2 Responses to मेरो मृत्युको घोषणा |

  1. raju rai says:

    I love it very much, the reason why I have posted it on my blog……….if writer is bothered, I will remove it immediately.


    Raju Rai…

  2. yes i can move your death. i mean if u are in confusion, doubtness, and terriable at that time u are dying but if u are confidence and free and happy at that u r living for ever. i mean happy time all men live for ever and sad time all men are dying.

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